Music Video Of The Week: The Eagle Has Landed by Avatar

Posted: May 12, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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I have to be perfectly honest with all of you before I go on and that is that I don’t really get the band Avatar, the metal band from Sweden and not the film. They are an interesting band that I am still trying to figure out, but the imagery is kind of cool.The one thing that I cannot deny is when a band releases a cool music video that they obviously put some thought into it. That is definitely what I can say about Avatar’s music video for the their track The Eagle Has Landed from their album Feathers & Flesh which actually comes out tomorrow (May 13TH) everywhere music is sold. In the music video for the track (which is also our music video of the week), lead singer Johannes Eckerström is a travelling salesman who goes door to door selling a miracle drug to some unwitting customers who don’t know any better. He sells the tonic to a farmer who cannot reach the last apple on the tree, a string man who is sick, and a man who wants to make love to his girlfriend or wife (whatever she is). You definitely need to check out the video, its very cool how they did it. Check it out below and check out their new album.


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