hotsI was searching far and wide for this week’s Cheeseball Cinema film and with the power of Youtube I found one. So for this week’s Cheeseball Cinema film, I chose the 1979 comedy H.O.T.S. which follows a group of college girls who start their own sorority. You see for Honey Shayne (Susan Kiger), O’Hara (Lisa London), Teri Lynn (Pamela Jean Bryant), and Sam (Kimberly Cameron), all they wanted was to be accepted into the lead sorority at their college, but the snobby Melody Ragmore (Lindsay Bloom) made sure they didn’t so they decide to get revenge. With wild and zany antics, robots, and some crooks looking for stolen money, the film gets wild and crazy. The film also stars Mary Steelsmith (Weird Science) as Clutz, Angela Aames (Chopping Mall) as Boom-Boom Bangs, Marjorie Andrade (Open Fire) as Conchita, Cece Bullard (Better Late Than Never) as Debbie, Karen Smith (Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls) as Candi, Robyn Martin (Ladies Night) as Brandi, K.C. Winkler (Night Shift) as Cynthia, Sandy Johnson (Halloween) as Stephanie, Danny Bonaduce (The Partridge Family) as Richie, David Gibbs (The Killing Zone) as Macho Man, Donald Petrie (How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days) as Doug, and the film was directed by Gerald Seth Sindell. 

vlcsnap95260bc5.5818Interesting is a word I can best use to describe what I thought about most of the film while boredom is a state that I went into after a little while. If you’ve seen one sorority sex crazed comedy then you’ve seen them all and that was certainly the problem with most of this film. While there were parts that were funny and creative, there was just way too many that you thought were boring. The is about 105 minutes long with what I think they could have cut about ten minutes or so off of that and I would have been satisfied. If you are crazy for T&A, this is an exploitation film after all which means there is a lot of it and there is an amazing shot of a lot of them in one frame. For most of the film, I was actually entertained with some of the wild antics that were going on like stealing a couple’s clothes out of their van and then taping it shut while towing it as well. As far as how it compares to some of the other films I have seen for Cheeseball Cinema, it’s quite entertaining especially with scenes that involve the bear or the seal. Like I said, it’s an exploitation films so you have to take it or leave it because you know exactly what you are getting with these films. Loads of women who love to undress for a chance at super stardom and bad acting (well not all of the time, but most). A couple of cool facts is that Danny Bonaduce stars in this and how young does he look and Judith Myers (Sandy Johnson) who gets killed in the opening moments of Halloween is in this film. On a scale of one being close to an A-list Hollywood film and five being the cheesiest film of all time, I am going to give the film an 3.8 for a final grade.

The Girls Of HOTS

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