kc2For this week’s Ass Whoopin Wednesday film, I knew I was taking a chance choosing the film I did because it was  1. a sequel that is 20 years too late and 2. it was going to have a low kill/knockout ratio. Nevertheless, I was excited to take the chance to see Kindergarten Cop 2 which stars Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV) as FBI agent Zack Reed. Agent Reed has just busted Albanian gangster Zogu (Aleks Paunovic) with the help of a unknowing female he cares about named Katja (Rebecca Olson). With her gone into witness protection, he thinks everything is running smooth until he gets word that there could be a flash drive somewhere that a teacher hid that has the whole list of everyone in witness protection. Now, Zogu is on the hunt for the flash drive and Agent Reed has to step in and teach Kindergarten in order to try and find that flash drive before it’s too late. The film also stars Fiona Vroom (Step Up All In) as Michelle, Darla Taylor (Love On The Air) as Olivia, Sarah Strange (White Noise) as Miss Sinclaire, Bill Bellamy (Any Given Sunday) as Agent Sanders, Raphael Alejandro (Badge Of Honor) as Cowboy, and the film was directed by Don Michael Paul (Tremors 5: Bloodlines). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stars:

K COP 2 Stats

dolph-copAs far as the stats are concerned, as I told you all that there was going to be low Kill/Knockout stats and sure enough there was only eight. He has no origin story that we know of from watching this and he does have a love interest in one of the teachers. She is held hostage like he is so that is why I wrote sort of in the next category on there and the big boss is defeated. Back in the day, people thought that it was a crazy idea to have Arnold Schwarzenegger star in a comedy, but when it worked we were impressed. Unfortunately, Dolph Lundgren doesn’t have the comedy charisma that Arnold would prove to have, but I am not saying he did a terrible job. While it was entertaining to watch him on screen trying to be a kindergarten teacher, some of the lines just felt forced and not very timely. While the kids were also a huge part of the first film, they were a heck of a lot funnier in the first film then these kids were even though they grew on you. I kind of laughed at the idea of how they acted at this school with the emphasis of worry on not hurting kids feelings, making them all feel equal, and watching what they eat like peanuts. One girl brings tofu into class for lunch which was unheard of back in my day. They definitely got with the times as far as that was concerned, but you are left wondering why they decided to make a sequel? Overall, it’s kind of a bad film that we probably could have done without. That is why I am going to give the film an D for a final grade.

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