Single Of The Week: Mr. Rock n Roll by Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy

Posted: May 20, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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I know what you’re thinking right now it’s s that the same Jim Breuer as the in the comedian? The Jim Breuer comedian that is famous for his James Hetfield impressions and the Jim Breuer that did Goat Boy? My answer to you is that if you are thinking that then you are absolutely right, it’s the same guy. Jim Breuer has released his very own rock album with his band the Loud & Rowdy. Jim is releasing his album Songs From The Garage which features some amazing tracks that will fit right alongside hits from bands like Megadeth, AC/DC, etc. The Loud & Rowdy are made up of drummer Mike Tichy, bassist Joe Vigliotti, and guitarist Metal Mike while the album was produced by former Anthrax/current Volbeat guitarist Rob Caggiano. The track that I present to you guys is kind of bittersweet considering that Brian Johnson is no longer in AC/DC. Nevertheless, the band has released the track Mr. Rock n Roll which features Brian on vocals along with Breuer. It’s so awesome to hear Johnson’s vocals on this kick ass rock track that any AC/DC fan would enjoy listening to. Breuer talked about working with Johnson with Rolling Stone saying, “To me, Brian is the most powerful voice in rock & roll. He is also the funniest and most generous man I have ever known. I am still in awe of how he recorded the song and forever thankful.” Check out the track below and believe me Breuer is actually pretty good!


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