Soundtrack Saturday: Out For The Count by Winger

Posted: May 21, 2016 in Soundtrack Saturdays
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For today’s Soundtrack Saturday track, I searched high and low for a soundtrack that I hadn’t covered yet by a band I haven’t featured yet. Never fear because I found a band and a film and here it is. 1989 saw the release of The Karate Kid Part III which seemed to be the end of the trilogy or at least what we thought was. While the soundtrack featured songs from the likes of The Pointer Sisters, Boys Club, and Money Talks, it also featured a track from a very underrated 80’s rock band that went by the name of Winger. The soundtrack featured a track that was never released on anything else in Out For The Count. The track is fast paced and electrifying like only Winger would do with some amazing guitar playing from Reb Beach which was a definite highlight. It’s an absolute hell raiser and it kicks plenty of ass further showcasing my point at how these guys were so underrated. Check it out below and check out the film The Karate Kid Part III.


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