For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are heading to the beautiful state of Vermont for something dark and sinister.When I think of Black Metal, I immediately think of Norway which is arguably the birthplace of Black Metal as a genre. The idea of the name resonates from England and the band Venom who named their album Black Metal. One state that you wouldn’t associate Black Metal with is the state of Vermont which is known more for bands like Phish or at least that is what us Massholes believe anyways. So, when I was looking at an article on that was called The United States Of Black Metal, you can believe the look of surprise that came over me, but also the look of intrigue when I saw the band Peucharist and that they were from Vermont. Peucharist formed in 2011 and they describe their sound as “Barbaric black thrashing death.” The track I chose for you guys to check out is the band’s 2015 demo track Immolated Faith which is black metal at it’s finest. It’s enough to scare the crap out of you rover religious family members. Check them out on Facebook and check out their website.


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