twisted_MBF_site_bannerIt has been quite some time since I delivered a review of a Rock Doc for you guys and I figured since there is no Ass Whoopin Wednesday this week that I would give you guys one. Everyone in the world remembers the VH1 Behind The Music episode that covered Twisted Sister because it was great and to the point. Now in 2014 comes a documentary that was directed by Andrew Horn (The Nomi Song) that dives a little deeper into the story of Twisted Sister at least a lot more than the behind the music special did. The film dives deeper into the early years of the band from their creation to their tireless road work that made them known as the hardest working band in all of New York. It also explores how everyone from Dee Snider, Eddie Ojeda, AJ Pero, Mark Mendoza all joined the band and all of the road blocks the band faced on their way to super stardom. You’ll see everyone from Randy Jackson (Zebra), Martin Hooker, Phil Carson, Suzette Snider, Kenny Neill, and a whole lot more.

films-twisted_sister-Twisted_Sister_-_2_610_407shar_s_c1One thing that I will say about this documentary is that if you want to know a heck of a lot more about Twisted Sister than anyone else does, this is the documentary for you. I honestly thought going into the film that it was going to span the band’s whole career considering the length of it, but it only really covers their club days to about Stay Hungry. The real juice in my opinion is what happens during the Stay Hungry days and after. The documentary like I said is just way too long and it covers too much detail of what I don’t care about when it comes to Twisted Sister. If you are a diehard Twisted Sister fan then this is definitely your documentary, I would just rather wait for a sequel which I hope they are making. I will admit though that there is some cool facts in this documentary that I didn’t know about like Lemmy hopping on stage during a festival to tell the crowd to check the band out because they were good friends. There is also the time Lemmy and Brian Robertson hopped on stage at a TV taping as they jammed with the band. That is some of the cool information that I liked hearing about more than Jay Jay French telling you how tired he was from being the band’s manager and missing out on living a rockstar life even though he didn’t drink or do drugs. I respect the band and I especially respect Dee Snider so I can see the struggle he went through with Jay Jay French just from watching this. The grading process for this one is a hard one because even though I didn’t love it, it wasn’t a bad doc because it was informative. So, I am going to go ahead and give the documentary an B+ for a final grade.



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