Cover Of The Week: I Don’t Care Anymore by Hellyeah

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Cover Of The Week
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61AcXC5ZZeLI know we are officially four days early with the Cover Of The Week, but this is one that couldn’t wait and if you’re a metalhead you’ll understand why immediately. A couple of weeks ago, Hellyeah announced that for their record Unden!able that there was going to be a track on their that featured guitar tracks from Dimebag Darrell. The track was a cover of a Phil Collins song I Don’t Care Anymore that Dime had apparently recorded some guitar parts to and the band decided to use it. Vinnie Paul talked to Rolling Stone about it saying, “When Kevin [Churko, producer] got [Dimebag’s original] tracks isolated, he synched them up, and when we listened to them it totally gave me goosebumps. We’ve always felt like [Dimebag’s] been a part of this band since day one. We felt like his energy and his spirit was always with us. And for people to be able to hear him again in 2016 puts a big smile on my face.” Chad Gray added to the convo saying, “It was like Dime was in an iso-booth tracking in the next room while I was singing my parts. Tracking that song was one of the most magical moments I’ve felt in my entire career. … After we recorded the first four vocal lines, Kevin called me on the intercom and said, ‘I’m just gonna tell you right now. You’re gonna be singing this song for the rest of your life. It’s going to be amazing.” I’m with these guys in that this is one of the most exciting things ever and it pretty much makes Dime an official member of Hellyeah forever. Check out the cover below and pre-order the album here. It officially comes out tomorrow (June 3RD).


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