Single Of The Week: Be Forewarned by Pentagram

Posted: June 3, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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macabreOf course as you all know, you get two single of the week posts with one on the metal side and the other on the rock side. If you have never seen the rock documentary Last Days Here, you need to check it out because it’s amazing. The documentary follows the doom metal band Pentagram and it’s controversial lead singer Bobby Liebling. I’m not sure what Bobby has been up to these days on a personal level, but apparently he has found the original master of a song he had put out when his band was called Macabre. Relapse had put out the albums First Daze Here and First Daze Here Too which chronicled the band’s early years when it was made up of Liebling, Vince McAllister (Guitars), Greg Mayne (bass) and Geof O’Keefe (drums). That is where the track Be Forewarned was first heard, but apparently they have remastered both albums and are about to re-release them to the public again. Bobby talks about the track saying, “Geof found the original reel for this 45 release on eBay! It’s the original mix of the song. Philip, the guy who put the record out, was selling the reel online hoping to make a buck now that Pentagram finally got a little attention and was touring the world. Geof got a fair deal on it and now it’s risen from the coffin it’s been laying in for nearly half a century. We had just changed our name to Macabre (Mac-Ah-Bray) but that didn’t last long, we were Pentagram, damnit.” So, the new remastered version on the album is that that 1971 Macabre version that you all get to hear below. To pre-order them from Relapse Records, please click here. Otherwise check out the track below from the original Doom Metal band.


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