Single Of The Week: Rally By Jackyl

Posted: June 3, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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As promised here is your second Single Of The Week post from the rock side of life and it’s a pleasant surprise. We haven’t heard any new music from the chainsaw wielding rockers Jackyl in about four years, but never fear because the gang is here. The band has a new album coming out called ROWYCO which I presume stands for Rock Out With Your C**k Out and they have a brand new song called Rally. The song starts off with some tribal milatary like drum cadence before we hear the chugs of those guitars matched with Jesse James Dupree’s vocals and a little Oogah-chuggah to boot. The song is exactly what you would expect from Jackyl as they deliver their brand of rock and roll as raunchy and rowdy as they want to. The album comes out August 5TH which comes just in time as Jesse’s new bar in Sturgis, SD the Full Throttle Saloon opens it’s doors. Check out the track and pick up the album when it comes out.


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