ali wong baby cobraI kind of fell behind and I apologize to all you stand up comedy fans out there that read my reviews. As you all know, I am always in search of new comedians and specials that I haven’t seen yet and of course Netflix once again delivers. That is why I chose to watch a special from Ali Wong (Inside Amy Schumer) called Ali Wong: Baby Cobra. Who is Ali Wong you are asking? She’s an actress and writer that has starred in films like Savages and The Angry Birds Movie. Being seven months pregnant doesn’t stop her from performing at The Neptune Theater in Seattle, Washington for her own Netflix Original special which is also her first. In the special, she tackles topics like 18 year girls, HPV, self-help books, hoarding, trying to get rid of stuff with mom, marriage, privledge of marrying an Asian versus marrying a white dude, feminism, housewives, Fresh Off The Boat, Rough Sex, Asian women never die, bad drivers, crapping at work, and so many more topics in this special that was directed by Jay Karas (Bill Burr: You People Are All The Same).

ali wongSo, what did I think of her comedy special? I didn’t think the special was that bad, it actually was pretty good. There were moments that I didn’t find as funny as the crowd, but then there were moments in the special that I thought was hilarious. She may have had a lot of topics that she talks about in the special, but it all ties together to a big reveal at the end of who played who. In order to know what I am talking about you will have to see for yourself, but one of the big topics is her marriage to her Harvard graduate husband. I have to give her a lot of guts for going out there seven months pregnant, but she makes a very important point in the special. She talks about how most female comedians get pregnant and they disappear from the scene while men can have kids and immediately go out on the road to talk about them. I have seen that a lot in the comedy world especially from your older comics who finally settle down. Is it fair that is how it works out, of course not, but Ali tells them that it’s a decision she was willing to make. That was the point of getting pregnant so she wouldn’t have to go back on the road. Like I said, this was a pretty good special and I enjoyed it. That is why I am going to give the special an B+ for a final grade.


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