a1082641490_16For this week’s Unsigned Band Of The Week, we are travelling all the way to Portland, Maine which is one of my favorite cities. The name of the band is A Traitor’s Pact and the way I discovered the band was through a Facebook page called Maine Metal. They are a site that is all about promoting some local flavor. If the name of the band alone doesn’t catch your attention, then their style of progressive death metal sure will. The track I chose for you guys to hear from the band comes from their EP Malevolent Transcendence and the track is called Scorch It To The Ground. Right from the beginning of the track, the band wastes no time giving you the thunderous drum beats and the high octane sonic face-melting guitar playing matched with the powerful screams of lead singer Matt Dearborn. I also like the back up vocals from Turner Kelsey cause it gives you something different with his clean singing. Check out the track below and while you are at it, check out the band’s Facebook page here and give it a like. Support your local scene so that metal never dies!!!


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