rideOne of my favorite comedies back in 2014 was the dysfunctional buddy cop movie Ride Along. that featured Ice Cube (Barbershop) as rough loner cop James and Kevin Hart (Get Hard) as his annoying soon to be brother in law Ben. We all know what happens in the first film and the dysfunctional duo return for Ride Along 2. This time around, Ben is a beat cop that is still in his probational term while James has a new partner. James discovers that a potential key to solving a case lies in Miami and despite not wanting him there, the duo heads to Miami. While in Miami and in search of a hacker named AJ (Ken Jeong), they stumble open something that may be bigger than they thought that involves a very well off tycoon of sorts. Not it’s up to the brothers in law to solve the case before Ben has to get back for his wedding. The film also stars Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) as Maya, Tika Sumpter (Ride Along) as Angela, Benjamin Bratt (Demolition Man) as Antonio Pope, Michael Rose (Unthinkable) as the Hitter, Sherri Shepherd (Precious) as Cori, Glen Powell (The Expendables III) as Troy, and the film was directed by Tim Story (Fantastic Four). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

ridealong2 stats

ridealongSo as far as the stats are concerned, I split them into two because this is the dysfunctional duo here and each deserves their own stats. We will start with the original gangster Ice Cube who had about 8 kills/knockouts in the film. He doesn’t have an origin story that we know of other than what we know and he sort of has a love interest. You’ll see it develop over time and it’s obvious. He has no one close to him get hurt in the film and the big boss is defeated. Kevin Hart has about 6 kills in the film with four of them coming in a very bad ass way I’ll describe later. He has no origin story, you know he’s getting married, but no one close gets hurt. Now one of my favorite segments in the film comes when Kevin takes over the driving duties during a high speed chase. They all of a sudden go into video game mode during the film and it’s like they are in a video game. I thought that was very different than what we are used to. Now is the film better than the first one, well not exactly in my opinion only because the first had a magic to it, but this was a decent sequel. It had it’s funny moments, but not nearly enough as the first film. There were a couple of times during the film that I remember thinking that Olivia Munn looked a little awkward  or maybe that was the look she was going for the whole time. Benjamin Bratt played a very good villain in the film and  was pleased with his performance. It’s a film that is worth watching at least a couple of times. So with that being said, I am going to give the film 4 fists out of five for a final grade.

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