Single Of The Week: Her Twins Of Evil by Cardinals Folly

Posted: June 10, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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It’s crazy because it hasn’t been that long for me as a fan of Doom Metal and why it took so long I don’t know. There is something so primal, evil,  and apocalyptic sounding about the genre that has attracted me to it over the years. That is where Cardinals Folly falls into place thanks to for introducing me to them. Cardinals Folly is a doom metal band from Finland that has been around since 2007 with two albums under their belts with the latest Holocaust of Ecstasy and Freedom coming out very soon. The track I chose from the album as this week’s single of the week is their track Her Twins Of Evil.  The band channels the best of Pentragram with that deep fuzzy bass sound that boroughs in your gut. The music reminds us why Black Sabbath was so brilliant in pioneering the genre and why Pentagram refined it as you hear the influence in the music. Check out the band on Facebook, give them a like, and check out the track below:


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