Music Video Of The Week: Old School by Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy

Posted: June 12, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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It’s not Tuesday, but we have a comedian as a music video of the week which can only mean one thing and that is we are covering Jim Breuer and the Loud & Rowdy. We’ve already covered them once for the single of the week, but the band has unleashed another new track called Old School which is off of their first album Songs From the Garage that’s currently out in stores and online everywhere right now as we speak. Jim talks about the track saying, “Do you like RIFF driven, catchy hard rock music tunes that will get you out of your chair? Then the song ‘Old School’ is for you. This is my church, this is my temple, this is my therapy.” The video itself is mostly a performance based video with the guys playing in a garage fist before they move to a club to play. One of the funniest things about the video is Jim Breuer’s impressions of Rob Halford, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, Brian Johnson and many others too. You should definitely check out the video, the lyrics, and the guitar solo because it kicks ass. Check it out below:


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