the-conjuring-2-stillWhether you are a fan of these types of horror films or not, you have to be happy about the news regarding The Conjuring 2. The Conjuring 2 came in first place according to making $40.4 million from 3,343 screens. The Conjuring 2 was one of three high profile films that came out this past weekend (June 10-12) with Warcraft coming in second place with 24.4 million made while Now You See Me 2 coming in third making 23.3 million. The Conjuring 2 didn’t make as much money as the first film, but the difference in sales in first week is only 1.5 million which you can now bet that there’ll be a third film. The only question is who will direct it because James Wan who has proven his films are box office gold is supposed to be directing the Aquaman film soon for DC. The only true test for The Conjuring 2 is whether it can hold off Finding Dory and Central Intelligence which stars The Rock and Kevin Hart as both films are released later this week. So as I said before, this is a big victory for Horror films in general and if you havent seen the film then go do so now. Here is a review of the film that I did for my 365 movies in 365 days challenge blog by clicking here.


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