pmeFor this week’s Unsigned Band of the Week, we are leaving Maine and we are heading south to Concord, New Hampshire for our very next band. The name of the band is Promise Me Empires and they are a melodic Metalcore band from Concord. The band has been working their proverbial butts off since 2010 opening up and being in direct support for the likes of bands such as Like Moths To Flames, Spies Like Us, I See Stars, and so many more. The song I provided all of you with to check out from the band is the track Like Sheep which I believe is off their Hierarchy EP. The thing I love about the track is how the band can be a sledgehammer during the track and then like a light switch they can be very melodic with that cool guitar riff. When they want to get furious though, the track gets heavy at the end with the massive metal breakdown. I don’t know why these guys haven’t been picked up yet because they should. Check them out on Facebook, give them a like, and follow them on Twitter as well. Check out the track below:


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