Single Of The Week: Think It Over by Islander

Posted: July 18, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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One of my new favorite bands on the scene is South Carolina Nu Metal band Islander. Their first record Violence & Destruction was one of my favorite albums from 2014 and it was an album that combined all the elements I loved about Nu-Metal into one band. Well, the band is back and they have a brand new album on the horizon called Power Under Control which will be released September 9TH via Victory Records. The band has some pretty cool pre-orders going on right now like a Fuchsia colored vinyl which you can check out here as well as all the other cool items. Anyways, for our second single of the week, we chose the band’s latest song they unleashed called Think It Over which is a cool track because it features the legend H.R. of Bad Brains. Mikey Carvajal talked to Metal Sucks about the track saying, “Think It Over’ is a rally cry anthem to encourage the youth of today to think about their lives and to make good decisions. We are all born with a type of youthful wildness that if we allow to be tamed, will flourish into harnessed power rather than wasted energy. The idea is to be like a saddled horse instead of a frustrated stallion. To have Power Under Control.” Check out the track below:


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