341892-the-bourne-legacyWe are exactly nine days away from the release of the fifth film in the Bourne saga entitled Jason Bourne. Once again we are taking the time to watch all of the films in the saga for Ass Whoopin Wednesdays and we have The Bourne Legacy which is the first film not to feature Matt Damon. You see the government is now dealing with the after effects of the last film and they call upon Col Eric Byer, USAF, Ret. (Edward Norton) who decides to eliminate any asset that there is out there. The only problem for him is that one asset that goes by the name of Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) refuses to be a victim of that decision so he goes looking for answers and gets help from a doctor (Rachel Weisz) who was also deemed expendable. The film also stars Scott Glenn (Urban Cowboy) as Ezra Kramer, Donna Murphy (Spider-Man 2) as Dita Mandy, Stacy Keach (American History X) as Adm Mark Turso USN Ret., Oscar Isaac (X-Men: Apocalypse) as Outcome # 3, Zeljko Ivanek (Donnie Brasco) as Dr. Donald Foite, Corey Stoll (This Is Where I Leave You) as Zev Vandel, Michael Chernus (Orange Is The New Black) as Arthur Ingram, and the film was directed by Tony Gilroy (Duplicity). Before we get into the review of the film, let’s check out some stats:

Bourne Legacy Stats

the-bourne-legacy-movie-poster-27As far as the stats are concerned, Aaron Cross has about 12 1/2 kills/knockouts and that half is because Rachel Weisz puts the finishing touches on a villain. We do not essentially know much about Aaron Cross even though we saw some flashbacks, but it just wasn’t enough. I think you can pretty much figure out that Rachel Weisz’s character ends up becoming a love interest and someone he bunks with is killed and Rachel is also under attack now. The big boss is defeated in the film, but as usual you’ll have to see for yourself how it gets done. As far as the spectrum of all the films are concerned, this isn’t the best in series, but it’s actually a pretty good film. I feel like this one is a little more on the Taken side of things only because Jeremy Renner’s character is resourceful and he uses his surroundings to benefit himself like Liam Neeson did. One my favorite scenes in the film is the chase scene in Thailand which is pretty bad ass. One of the other scenes is when Jeremy Renner’s character first saves Rachel’s in her house. Now that is some pretty cool stuff. There is plenty of action in the film to please anyone and plenty of government stuff. The thing I have always liked about these films is the locations they stop in like Manila, Philippines, Thailand, and Alaska. It’s always fun to see where they will end up next. I am excited for the next film in the series so stay tuned for that. I am going to give The Bourne Legacy four fists out of four for a final grade.

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