Music Video Of The Week: Delirium by Lacuna Coil

Posted: July 24, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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We have decided to give you guys a second music video of the week this week because this was another video we just couldn’t pass up. Italian Goth giants Lacuna Coil released what has been hailed as the heaviest record of their careers in their eight studio album Delirium. To help celebrate that fact the band has unleashed a video that is worthy of being attached to the title track itself. I am a huge fan of horror films and this video has that vibe as it takes place in what seems to be in a very scary looking mental institutions which are are scary enough as it is. Cristina Scabbia talks about the video saying, “We filmed our parts for this video in one evening while we were on the U.S. tour this past May. We used a Go-Pro against a black backdrop and we wanted something that would be purposely rough, something that could remind some weird lost videos found after years and years. The whole video edited together with the parts filmed by the director with an actress turned out as a very strange sort of a trip, where a girl tries to tight up memories and details together to try to find her sanity back, somehow. I really like some of the scenes as they reminded me some kind of Korean horror movies vibe and it is totally fitting the Delirium vibe and concept. It also leaves a lot to the imagination, so thanks for checking it out and enjoy.” Check it out below:



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