I think it’s safe to say that everyone’s favorite crossover thrash metal band Suicidal Tendencies is back and in full effect. The band had a monstrous tour back int he spring of this year with Megadeth which featured founding Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo playing skins for them which ended up making him a full time member. Now, the band has unleashed some details on their brand new album which is the band’s 11Th album and it is being called World Gone Mad. The album hits the stores on September 30TH via the band’s own Suicidal Records, but to keep us occupied the band has unleashed a single off the new album. The title of the song is Clap Like Ozzy and for all of us metal heads that know the prince of darkness, know that he claps on stage a lot and we do it long with him. The song begins with a punk like drum intro before the bass comes in and before you know it the band explodes into their all out chaotic mayhem style that we all know and love from them. Check out the track below and look out for the band on tour in the fall with Megadeth, Amon Amarth, Havok, and Metal Church.


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