Music Video Of The Week: Cat People by Shooter Jennings and Marilyn Manson

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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mansonEarlier in the year, we were treated to a marvelous cover of the David Bowie and Giorgio Moroder classic Cat People by country star Shooter Jenning and shock rock master Marilyn Manson. Now the duo have released a music video for their masterful cover and the video absolutely kicks ass. The video was directed by Valenberg and Blake Judd and it takes into the world of 8-Bit video games like what we used to see with Nintendo back in the day. Shooter talked about the video saying, “I love this song, Manson’s vocals, and Valenberg’s pixel art. It’s like a Super Nintendo version of a John Carpenter film.” The video itself is very cool as it gets kind of dark with a man and a mysterious woman before we see Manson in Pixel form (which is pretty cool). The track itself was featured on Shooter Jenning’s tribute album to Moroder which is called Countach (for Giorgio) and you can actually get that here. Check out the video below:


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