Music Video Of The Week: Embers by Lamb Of God

Posted: August 9, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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Lamb_of_God_-_VII_Sturm_und_DrangAs always, we are giving you two of everything with one in the rock division already down which leaves us with the metal division to go. One of the coolest metal albums released last year was Lamb Of God’s VII: Sturm und Drang. The album garnered tons of critical acclaim after it’s release and deservedly so. One of my personal favorite tracks from the album is the song Embers which featured Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno offering guest vocals to the track. The band has now unleashed a music video for the amazing song, but there is such a message to the track that was revealed by the bands guitarist Mark Morton. The guitarist talked to Noisey about the meaning behind the track in essay form. It’s a truly riveting story to read and that I can kind of relate to, but only to a certain extent (obviously, I’m not a professional musician). He talks about a time when he and his wife had lost their first child and how it affected him so much. Check out the story below:

Mark-Morton“Six weeks after I handed my dead daughter over to a nurse, I found myself walking on to the stage at Madison Square Garden to ‘entertain’ people. I was by no means ready to re-enter that world, but the music industry is vicious and unforgiving… and somehow, there I was.One doesn’t ‘heal’ from the loss of a child. You don’t ever “get over it,” but time passes. New experiences put a sort of distance between what is now and what was then. Still, the trauma of child loss leaves deep scars. Wounded people isolate themselves for protection. People in pain lash out in fear. Resentments and regrets fester. It becomes seemingly impossible to navigate a conflict that has an endless array of wrong answers but no apparent right ones. People you expected to be there for you disappear. People you barely even know hold you up. Relationships strain and crack under this type of pressure. Grief changes people.I described our shared pain and made references to places and events that only she would understand and recognize. I promised her that there was ‘still light to find our way.’ I hoped I was right.A year after Madalyn died, my wife and I were blessed with a healthy, living baby girl. She is the light of both of our lives. A light to find our way.”

To read more of the essay, please click here. Otherwise, check out the video below:


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