Single Of The Week: Caligula by Sodom

Posted: August 15, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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caligulaAs always we give you two of everything when it comes to posts like Single Of The Week with one on the rock side and the other being on the metal side. This week’s single of the week from the metal side of life comes to us from Teutonic Thrash Metal legends Sodom as they unleashed a brand new track this week called Caligula. The track is going to be featured on the band’s 15TH studio album Decision Day which comes out August 26TH via Steamhammer/SPV. If you haven’t guessed from the song title or the many pictures of his face in the lyric video, the band is talking about one of the most infamous Roman emperors of all time. The band unleashes unholy hell during the track with their Motorhead esque riff that just pummels all the way through. Singer/bassist Tom Angelripper talks about the track saying, “Caligula’ is one of my favorite songs off Decision Day. It’s about the most notorious and relentless tyrant who ever ruled the imperium. One of his most famous quotes reads as follows: ‘Let them hate me, so long as they fear me.” Check it out below


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