When I heard the news that Fenriz, one half of legendary Black Metal outfit Darkthrone, had released the single Tundra Leech I was instantly excited. Darktrhone is responsible for some of my favorite Black Metal releases like Transilvanian Hunger and Circle The Wagons. Now the band has also announced that they are going to be releasing their 16TH studio album Arctic Thunder which comes out October 14TH via Peaceville. Initially, he released the single with commentary on the track (which you can check out here), but for this blog, I wanted to give it to you uninterrupted. In the commentary, he tells us that the track is a return to the band’s early and more primitive sound which should excite hardcore fans. He also goes on to tell us that the riffs of the song were inspired by bands like Dream Death, Necrophagia, Sadistic Intent, Poison Idea and more. The “Bomb Shelter” is a place from 1988 to 1990 where the band would rehearse and it’s the setting where the band recorded this album recapturing that old sound that we all love from them. You definitely need to check out this track because it’s fierce and punishing. You can pre-order the album as we speak with cool vinyl options like this one. Check out the track below:


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