Music Video Of The Week: Break Me by One Less Reason

Posted: August 25, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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As always, we give two Music Videos Of The Week with one being on the metal side of things and the other on the rock side. We have our video from the rock side of life and it comes from the Memphis rock band One Less Reason who just released their latest effort The Memories Uninvited on August 19TH. The band recently released the video for their latest track Break Me and we have it here. The video which is an absolutely beautifully shot music video about a girl (played by Kayla Wright) whose home life is suffering. She recently lost her mother and she is essentially estranged from her father. To help cope with everything, she turns to MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) as a way to cope. Vocalist Cris Brown (not to be mixed with the douche R&B singer) recently spoke to about the track saying, “The song is basically about relationships as a whole. It doesn’t have to be husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend. It’s just kind of about how sometimes in life we just kind of always end up sharing the same emotions, whether it’s the love-hate thing or not, and the song is about just picking up the pieces that fall behind and having someone to help you do that. We all need a little bit of help picking up the pieces that fall behind.” The incredible thing about this cinematic masterpiece is that bassist Blake Heimach and Brown’s studio partner John Falls, wrote, directed, and produced the video which is just incredible. This is a serious contender for Rock video of the year and you can check it out below:


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