indestructibleAs promised, I am giving you two albums of the week for the price of one and here is the second one. I was trying to think of an album to review when a track from Disturbed played on my Pandora. I instantly knew that I was going to covet the album Indestructible which was the band’s fourth album and the first to not be produced by Johnny K. The band once again featured David Draiman (Vocals), Dan Donegan (Lead/Rhythm Guitars), John Moyer (Bass), and Mike Wengren (Drums). The album had a darker approach to it lyrically as it covered incidences that had happened in David’s life over the past couple years prior to the record. So, the band created heavier, darker,  and more textural based music for the album. That idea for the album paid off because the album peaked at number one in Australia, New Zealand, and the US Billboard Top 200. It also peaked at number one on the US Alternative Albums Chart, US Hard Rock Albums Chart, US Rock Albums Chart, and the US Tastemakers Albums Chart. I think it’s safe to say that the album was also certified platinum in the US as well.

disturbed_-_indestructible_(japan)_-_back1. Indestructible– This is a crushing track that has two meanings to it with the first one being a track for the military. Draiman has stated, “It’s meant to be something that would make them feel invincible, take away their fear, make them strong.” The other is that it symbolizes Disturbed still being around. Donegan has said, “We feel that we’ve become indestructible to be able to survive this long in the business, and continuing a success with it.” 5/5

2. Inside The Fire– This is one of my favorite tracks on the album that just absolutely crushes and makes you want to lose yourself in the track. Draiman has stated this about the lyrics that it’s, “a real racy song… about me standing over the body of my girlfriend, who just killed herself, and the Devil is standing over me, whispering in my ear to kill myself.” 5/5

3. Deceiver– A real grinding track that has some fierceness to the track on a song that could possibly be about the government and how they are deceivers. 4/5

4. The Night– This is one of the more interesting tracks on the record since it was the 1st one completed. It kind  of reminds me of …And Justice For All Metallica-era mixed with very dark and textural guitar genius from Donegan who shines on this track. 5/5

5. Perfect Insanity– This face melter’s meaning is described by Draiman as, “toying with the idea of insanity. Coming at you from the perspective from the individual who is [insane] and warning people around him, particularly his love interests, about his psychotic tendencies.” 5/5

6. Haunted– The track has that feel in the beginning where you feel it belongs in a horror movie with the bell and the slow build up before it launches it self with the sonic attack. The lyrics could be addressing a failed relationship. 4/5

Disturbed-Indestructible-CD7. Enough– A cool drum beat opens the track before the rest of the band comes in another track that addresses the way the Government treats society and keeps them down. 4/5

8. The Curse– a punishing track that follows a guy who seems to have everything go wrong for him all the time like a curse. The track features some cool guitar playing from Donegan once again. 4/5

9. Torn– This track has some serious balls when it opens, but then it settles down before it charges up once again in a track that seems to be about liking someone, but they don’t feel the same way about you. 4/5

10. Criminal– an in your face track that is reminds me of Distubed’s first album. The lyrics to me look like it’s about a guy who is a criminal and to the point that he enjoys it so much that he is asking for death. 4/5

11. Divide– It’s like an all out blitz, like they went 0 to 60 in 2 seconds during the intro to the track, but then it calms down during the verses before the band explodes on to the track. The track is about being yourself and not anyone else. 4/5

12. Façade– You should be able to guess what this track is about, but to go a little further it’s more likely about making sure you know what your dealing with so you don’t become blind to it. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– Disturbed have always been a high octane, crushing metal band that has always brought their A game whether it be live or on disc. Dan Donegan really shined on this album with his guitar work and David Draiman is well David Draiman, he brings it every time. That is why I am giving the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.


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