As always, we are giving you the fans two music videos of the week with one being on the rock side of life while the other is more on the metal side. What we have here for you right now is from the rock side and it’s American punk rock band Against Me! which features transgender singer Laura Jane Grace. Some of the best videos are the ones that have something visual to glue us to the screen like a story, etc. That is exactly what Against Me! did with their new video for the track 333 which is off their upcoming record Shape Shift With Me (due out September 16TH). The video is very cinematic and it was directed by actress Ione Skye, who all of you most likely remember as John Cusack’s love interest in the classic 80’s film Say Anything. I know her for that film and one of my favorite 80’s films River’s Edge. The video follows a 60′ housewife (played by Orange Is The New Black’s Natasha Lyonne) who seems to be living the good life, but man is she obsessed with cleaning. The video also stars Bates Motel star Andrew Howard, but not only is the video great, but the song is good too. Skye talked about the video saying, “This project attracted a lot of talented people: an incredible director of photography, producer, costume designer, editor and set designer. I felt very supported and inspired.” Check it out below:


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