Music Video Of The Week: The Black Pot by High On Fire

Posted: September 20, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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As I said in an article last week, at the end of the year we are going to have The Monster Entertainment Awards once again. This time around, we will be adding categories like Single Of The Year and Music Video Of The Year. A good way to get on that list is to make a really kick ass video and High On Fire have definitely contributed to the metal side of the category with their video for The Black Pot. The band teamed up with Skinner and The Beautiful Jerk to create a kick ass Animated video that debuted on Adult Swim which just means that it’s awesome. Skinner talked about the video saying, “I wanted to make an animated short film with Hey Beautiful Jerk, I just didn’t know how completely crazy it would get. At first I thought we should do a real simple story with action fights to wear down the timing a little bit. But then I thought, f–k it, here’s a super complicated story with a million characters and it’s off the wall crazy and s–t. Wanna do it?” The team of Mark Szumski and Gina Niespodziani added to the conversation saying, “This has definitely been the most challenging and the most rewarding project in the history of Hey Beautiful Jerk. Creatively, we did not make many concessions and we really pushed ourselves to see how far we could take this thing. It worked.” The track is the latest from the band’s album Luminiferous to get the video treatment. Check out the video below:



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