55633I have explored just about every genre that I can possibly think of on this blog from Metal, Death Metal, Rock, Hair Metal, Rap, and even 80’s Post Punk bands. I wanted to explore an album from another post punk band that I discovered thanks to The Lost Boys Soundtrack in Echo & The Bunnymen. I have decided that I am going to cove the band’s self titled fifth studio album which featured Ian McCulloch (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Will Sergeant (Guitars), Les Pattinson (Bass), Henry Priestman & Jake Brockman (Keyboards), and Pete de Freitas (Drums) who unfortunately this would be his last album due to his death via a motorcycle accident in 1989. The album was a little controversial only because of the trials and tribulations the band went through to release the album. Pete de Freitas at one point left the band after a drug binge in New Orleans on New Years Eve 1985 and so the band replaced him with former Haircut One Hundred drummer Blair Cunningham. After figuring out he didn’t really fit the mold, they replaced him with former ABC drummer David Palmer. After not being happy with the few recording sessions they had done, Palmer left and de Freitas basically begged to come back and the rest is history as they say.

41u3vxdg3l-copy1. The Game– A very keyboard happy intro that opens the album up with those clean guitars on a track that could’ve been a self reflection of where the band was at at the time. 4/5

2. Over You– Another keyboard driven track with that typical 80’s goth rock sound about relationships and how they can suck. 4/5

3. Bedbugs and Ballyhoo– a rerecording of a track that was released earlier as a B-side that features legendary The Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek on the track. 4/5

4. All In Your Mind– A great high tempo guitar driven track that features some cool keyboard/organ like layers over it.The track seems to be commentary on Doctors who are crooks.  4/5

5. Bombers Bay– A cool mid tempo track that I would describe as happy sounding, but the lyrics could be about Great Britain’s involvement in World War II. 4/5

6. Lips Like Sugar– My favorite track on the album that is very guitar driven with some nice hooks and Ian’s ability to go very low with his vocals is great too. What do you think the track is about? 5/5

echo-17. Lost and Found– This is an OK track on the album, the sound quality of the track isn’t as great as the other tracks. 3/5

8. New Direction– a high tempo track whose lyrics could be about finding your new purpose in life hence New Direction. 4/5

9. Blue Blue Ocean– The lyrics to this track seem to talk about how no matter what life tries to throw at you, you have to persevere because there will always be haters. 4/5

10. Satellite– Ian McCulloch’s track where he goes all out with his deep, low vocals that remind me of INXS, an absolute rocker of a track. My favorite part of the track comes towards the end when it breaks down and the music is winding down.4/5

11. All My Life– a slower tempo track than what we’ve seen on the album, it’s almost ballad like. It’s a great track and great way to end the album. 5/5

My Final Thoughts– This is a great album to start off with, but I definitely suggest checking out their earlier material as well. This was an album that could have been great, but ended up being hated by the whole band. Nevertheless, I like the album and that is why I am giving it four stars out of five for a final grade.


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