steel-panther-lower-the-barNow as promised, here is you regular music video of the week and it comes from everyone’s favorite comedy hair metal outfit Steel Panther. The band recently announced details on their brand new upcoming fourth studio album Lower The Bar which will see the light of day on February 24, 2017. To keep you occupied until then, the band has unleashed a NSFW music video for their cover of the Cheap Trick classic She’s Tight which features Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander lending some vocals as well. Frontman Michael Starr talked about the track saying, “Cheap Trick was one of my favorite bands when I was younger. I’m so proud to have recorded this track for our new album and also to have Robin Zander himself sing with me on the song. It’s like a dream come true.” The video primarily features the band performing in a white room while scantily clad women walk by and shed some clothing making it NSFW (not safe for work). The video also features 80’s video vixen Bobbie Brown where just before she comes on there’s a nod to Warrant and their track Cherry Pie with a slice of cherry pie. Check out the video below and check out some pre-order options here for Lower The Bar.


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