darkness-titleKevin Bacon became a huge star in the 80’s and 90’s after appearing in Friday The 13TH, but every now and again he would always make his return to the genre (e.g. Stir Of Echos, Flatliners, Tremors). That was definitely the case this year when he starred in his latest horror film The Darkness which is today’s film. Peter Taylor (Bacon) is a hot shot architect who seems to have everything going right for him until his family returns home from a trip at the grand canyon. Peter’s autistic son Michael (David Mazouz) may have unleashed the kind of demons that nobody wants on their case. The demons begin to slowly rip their family apart until Peter decides that the family needs help relinquishing them from their home. The film also stars Radha Mitchell (Olympus Has Fallen) as Bronny Taylor, Lucy Fry (The Preppie Connection) as Stephanie Taylor, Matt Walsh (Old School) as Gary Carter, Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time) as Joy Carter, Paul Reiser (Mad About You) as Simon Richards, Ming-Na Wen (Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.) as Wendy Richards, Trian Long Smith (The Company We Keep) as Sammy, Ilza Rosario (Hands Of Stone) as Gloria, Alma Martinez (Cake) as Teresa, and the film was directed by Greg McLean (Wolf Creek).

downloadI am actually shocked to know that Greg McLean was the director of this film. The man directed some of the most brutal horror flicks in Wolf Creek 1 and 2 and then he does this film. It has a 4.2 overall on IMDB and it has only 5% on Rotten Tomatoes and I am sorry to say, but those scores are not wrong. They are downright justifiable and I will definitely explain why. This film lacked any real scares to it, I mean they didn’t even have any real cheap scares in it. The scariest thing about the film was the fact that the daughter had a eating disorder. The idea was there, but the execution was just not there at all. The demon guys which are Native American evil spirits were very cool looking and I almost wish they had done more with them cause then the film would have been a lot cooler to watch. The way the movie ends too was kind of lame, it left you saying, “OK now that this is over what to do.” 2016 for the most part has been a real disappointing year for horror on the big screen and that is because Hollywood has watered them down by making them PG-13. That was definitely the case with this film as it had so many lost opportunities that quite frankly this one is avoidable. I am going to give the film an C- for a final grade.

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