544907_originalFor today’s entry to Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween, I was surprised that I hadn’t reviewed more Stephen King films more often than I have. So, today we decided to review a film that was always one of my favorite ones in Stephen King’s Maximum Overdrive, a film about a renegade comet that the Earth gets stuck in for eight days. Things start going out of whack on Earth like Lawnmowers running over people, a vending machine killing people with it’s soda cans, and tractor trailers driving on their own. For a group of workers and patrons at a truck stop, they don’t completely know what is going on when things start going haywire in Wilmington, North Carolina. For Bill Robinson (Emilio Estevez), a kid with a troubled past is just trying to get through life with his crappy job as a cook until he has to step up to be the hero when all of this craziness is going down. The film also stars Pat Hingle (Batman 1989) as Bubba Hendershot, Laura Harrington (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape) as Brett, Yeardly Smith (The Legend Of Billie Jean) as Connie, John Short (Ransom) as Curt, Holter Graham (Fly Away Home) as Deke, Frankie Faison (Silence Of The Lambs) as Handy, Christopher Murney (The Last Dragon) as Camp Loman, Ellen McElduff (JFK) as Wanda, J.C. Quinn (The Abyss) as Duncan, and the film was directed by Stephen King.

green-goblinFirst off, you can never go wrong choosing a film to watch that has a soundtrack completely provided by AC/DC and secondly this was the 80’s which meant that a lot of great horror flicks were coming out. I always loved the idea of tractor trailers trying to kill humans. It’s almost like the Terminator where the machines that man built are getting back at the human race. Some of the scenes can be cheesy, but for the most part this film was awesome. The fact that they had a road roller run over and flatten a kid at the little league field was ballsy in my opinion because you never really saw that in too many films. The kill scenes for the most part were actually really good and the combo of Laura Harrington and Emilio Estevez was a good decision, but they move a little too fast in the film. What I mean by that is the idea that they meet and she’s instantly his. Maybe, it’s because Emilio was a boss back in the day. I think Stephen King did a really good job directing the film and like a lot of other horror greats, he inserts himself in one little scene in the beginning of the movie when he tries to use the ATM. Definitely check out this little treasure from Stephen King as I give the film an B+ for a final grade.

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