blood-feastAnytime I ever watched a documentary on the genre of horror, they always talked about one director and one film that the director made because of it’s legendary status. Of course, I am talking about the only man who can rightfully call himself the Godfather of Gore in Herschell Gordon Lewis (Two Thousand Maniacs! who directed today’s film in Blood Feast. There is a killer on the loose in the streets of Miami and the cops are having a hard time catching the guy or at least knowing who it is. The killer happens to be Egyptian caterer Faud Ramses (Mal Arnold) and he is killing women and he is stealing their body parts as part of a sacrifice. You see he is stealing them to resurrect an old Egyptian Goddess while the police scramble to end the madness. The film also stars William Kerwin (Two Thousand Maniacs!) as Det. Pete Thorton, Connie Mason (The Godfather: Part II) as Suzette Fremont, Scott H. Hall (Color Me Blood Red) as Frank-Police Captain, Sandra Sinclair (Scum of the Earth) as Pat Tracey, Christy Foushee (Scum of the Earth) as Trudy Sanders, Louise Kamp as Janet Blake, Gene Courtier as Tony, and Jerome Eden (Color Me Blood Red) as High Priest.

blood-feast-killYou can definitely tell that in 1963, high people of society must have rejected this film just because of how gory it was. This film definitely pushed the envelope for it’s time which is why Herschell Gordon Lewis is such an influential filmmaker. The film is definitely better in story and visuals than execution (no pun intended). The scenes where Ramses kills his victims was definitely cool for 1963, but the execution of the story was kind of poor. It was kind of lazy, but with a low budget you can’t really blame them for their shot choices. It would just go from a killing scene to the same two police officers talking in the same room after every kill with the exception of one scene. The story itself was actually a cool concept as you get a crazed Egyptian hell bent on resurrecting a Goddess from the dead. Just to let you all know Ishtar is an actual Goddess, but she was a Mesopotamian Goddess rather than an Egyptian one. One scene that bothered me was when Suzette gets saved by her mother walking in at the right time. She is sitting there and when the cops show up in the kitchen, it looks like she is laughing when she is trying to cry. I don’t know that bothered me a little more than the cop office scenes I described before. From a historical aspect in horror, this is definitely a film to check out. I am going to give Blood Feast however an B- for a final grade.

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