Music Video Of The Week: Clockworks by Meshuggah

Posted: October 11, 2016 in Music Video Of The Week
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This week we decided to be nice to all of you and give you three Music videos of the week with one for metal, one for rock, and one of the spirit of Halloween. Besides the fact that Swedish metallers Meshuggah challenge your mind mentally with their intricate music, their brand new music video will surely do the same. The band recently released their eighth studio album The Violent Sleep Of Reason last week and now the band has unleashed a music video for their fans to enjoy. The video for Clockworks is constantly unveiling these Deathstar like objects only to reveal the faces of each member of Meshuggah while the music certainly matches the video. Drummer Tomas Haake recently spoke to Loudwire and talked to them about the songwriting saying, “We never jam as a band. We never go to the rehearsal space and mess around; we haven’t done that in 15 years, at least … A lot of times you have a 4/4 beat going, but then you kind of do odd cycles that travel over the bar line. So with that kind of music, it’s really hard for your mind to take those things to their length because it’s not necessarily something that’s natural. You kind of need to take it to the computer.” Check out the video below and check out the album where ever music is sold.


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