hellraiserOne of the most frightening series in my opinion was Hellraiser especially when the first film was released. The concept of the film alone freaked me out never mind that Pinhead (original was Doug Bradley) freaked me out as well. With that being said, I decided that for today’s film, I would check out the latest in the series Hellraiser: Revelations. Nico (Jay Gillespie) and Steven (Nick Eversman) are best friends that are about to runaway from home and head to Tijuana, Mexico for some unadulterated fun and pleasure. All of the fun comes to an end when they become the owners of a puzzle box that when opened brings experiences that are not know to man. The two disappear and leave their families wondering what happened until one shows up out of nowhere and all hell breaks loose. The film also stars Steven Brand (The Scorpion King) as Ross Craven, Tracey Fairway (A Hologram For The King) as Emma Craven, Sebastien Roberts (One Way) as Peter Bradley, Sanny van Heteren (Unknown) as Kate Bradley, Devon Sorvari (Gilmore Girls) as Sarah Craven, Stephan Smith Collins (NCIS: Los Angeles) as Pinhead, Jolene Andersen (Syrup) as Female Cenobite, Daniel Buran (Major Crimes) as Vagrant, and the film was directed by Víctor García (Return To House On Haunted Hill). 

maxresdefault-2Going into this film, I didn’t want to completely crap on this film, but unfortunately I kind of have to as a horror fan. I am not going to dog Stephan Smith Collins performance as Pinhead because he had very minimal on screen time. The only thing I will say is that they could have made his suit more form fitting. Doug Bradley always looked convincing as Pinhead and this one just felt like a guy wearing the costume. I do however like the idea of two Pinheads with one known as the Pseudo Pinhead because it makes look like he has a follower or a pinhead in training. I definitely think that was something different for the series and it was kind of cool. Of course, like an Hellraiser film, it’s tries to get weird and test the limits of Horror with the imagery (like two people making out while chained) or the idea of incest when brother and sister begin making out. They also trued something a little different with the film as they added the found footage element to the film especially when the family is trying to figure out what happened. It’s only really during those scenes that you have to deal with the annoying found footage scenes. Other than that, it’s an OK film, it’s definitely not the best in the series, but it’s at least worth one watch. I am going to give the film an C- for a final grade.

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