clown-blu-ray-cover-anchor-bay-2014-354x500I figured since it’s Halloween season and there have been a ton of weird clown sightings ll over the US that it would only be fitting to see a film with clowns. While clowns can make you laugh, they can scare the crap out of you so I chose the Eli Roth produced film Clown for today’s film. Andy Powers (In Her Shoes) plays real estate agent Kent who seems to have it all going for him. One day when a company double booked the same clown for a couple of birthday parties, Kent is forced to step in and dress like a clown after he found a costume for his sons birthday. While he was certainly the hero of the day, he can’t seem to get the costume off as it starts to change him and become a part of him. Now his family has to try and get the costume off before it’s too late. The film also stars Laura Allen (The 4400) as Meg, Peter Stormare (The Big Lebowski) as Karlsson, Christian Distefano (Paw Patrol) as Jack, Chuck Shamata (The day After Tomorrow) as Walt, Elizabeth Whitmere (The Last Hit Man) as Denise, Robert Reynolds (Warm Bodies) as Dr. Martin Karlsson, and the film was directed by Jon Watts (Spider-Man: Homecoming).

1280x720-8kuI have to tell you that this was a film that in my opinion was worth watching. I think there was negative buzz about the film from some reviewers on Redbox, but I don’t know what they are talking about because I was entertained. Yes, there were a couple of scenes that it gets awkward, but overall it’s a good watch. At first your like what kind of lame excuse are they going to come up with to explain why he can’t get the costume off and when they do, your like oh that’s kind of cool. The idea that clowns were not at one time what we are led to believe like they are not here to make us laugh, but to terrify us and eat five children to satisfy their hunger. I think the clowns that are terrorizing the US may have watched this film as compared to the clowns two years ago. I am not saying that this film is to blame, but I want to look up these claims for myself. When Kent goes through the full transformation is cool and you’ll like the demon version of him. The thing that I thought was funny is if you get cut, you don’t bleed red blood, but clown colors. Look out for the clown dog that you’ll see in this film and just sit back and relax and enjoy the show. This is a pretty decent horror film for this day and age. Do not expect anything magical out of this, but just a horror film. The guy who directed this (Watts) is the director of the upcoming Spider-Man film so he did something right in his career. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

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