return-of-the-living-deadFor this week’s album of the week, we are always trying different things and we are always looking for different bands and records to cover. Since it’s October and we are in observance of the great holiday of Halloween, we have dedicated the album of the week category to it. I was trying to think of a band to cover that touches the genre of horror without choosing someone I have already covered in the past. So out of nowhere a vinyl flashes out at me and it’s the soundtrack to one of my favorite Zombie b-movies in The Return Of The Living Dead. The soundtrack to the film features some of the best in horror punk and punk rock/hardcore in general to be featured on one album. The soundtrack features the innovators of Psychobilly in The Cramps, the progenitors of Horror-Punk in 45 Grave, legendary Deathrock band T.S.O.L. (True Sounds of Liberty), legendary LA Punk group The Flesh Eaters, and the always interesting and mysterious rock icon Roky Erickson to name a few.

return-of-the-living-dead-soundtrack-rear-sleeve1. Surfin’ Dead by The Cramps- The track has that 50’s rockabilly sound to it hence why they were psychobilly legends. A track about doing a cool dance like the dead. 4/5

2. Partytime (Zombie Version)by 45 Grave- This is a shorter version and a heavier version than what fans got on the Sleep In Safety album. This has a very Plasmatics sound to it as far as being heavy punk. 4.5/5

3. Nothin’ for You by T.S.O.L.- This song was once a Soundtrack Saturday entry on here and I love the band’s sound on this track as they mix their punk roots with some rock in vein of The Ramones. 4.5/5

4. Eyes Without a Face by The Flesh Eaters- Not to be mixed with the Billy Idol track, this is a punk rock classic that is relentless in it’s fury. 4/5

5. Burn the Flames by Roky Erickson- A unique style of music from Roky that touches on rock, 50’s do-wop style, and just some spooky organs to go along with it. I feel the lyrics talk about no matter what happens, the spirits of the night will always be around. 5/5

various-artists-return-of-the-living-dead-soundtrack-exclusive-lp-2123895-1_1024x10246. Dead Beat Dance by The Damned- A cool Misfits like Punk song with that Goth Elvis/Jim Morrison like singer who takes command of the track that talks about Doctor Death. 4/5

7. Take a Walk by Tall Boys- Another Psychobilly track on the record about regretting the fact that you didn’t listen to your folks and now you are running for your life. 4/5

8. Love Under Will by Jet Black Berries- A very post-punk sounding track for the soundtrack, but a pretty good track. 4/5

9. Tonight (We’ll Make Love Until We Die) by SSQ- A very different track for the album that just reeks of 80’s awesomeness about a chick who isn’t any ordinary chick. She’s the one that your momma warned you about. 4.5/5

10. Trash’s Theme by SSQ- A very synthpop track that is your typical 80’s synth infused instrumental. 4.5/5

My Final Thoughts– This truly is an amazing soundtrack that features so many different styles of punk mixed with some synthpop and rock. The film is just as incredible as the soundtrack so you should definitely check out the both of them. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.


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