social-share-v2As you all saw earlier in the year, I was saddened by the death of Anton Yelchin who was taken from us way too soon. I saved the opportunity to watch today’s film because I wanted to have at least one film from him for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween. That is why I chose to watch Green Room for today’s film. Anton plays a punk rock musician named Pat whose in a band called the Ain’t Rights. Everyone knows that being a musician isn’t always glorious and they certainly know that taking gigs for almost nothing. Well one day they are promised a decent pay out to play a gig at a Nazi skinhead bar. Everything goes right until Pat unknowingly walks into a murder scene which traps the band at the bar and they have to fight for their lives just to survive. The film also stars Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation) as Darcy, Joe Cole (Secret In Their Eyes) as Reece, Alia Shawkat (Whip It) as Sam, Callum Turner (Victor Frankenstein) as Tiger, David Thompson (A Christmas Story 2) as Tad, Macon Blair (Blue Ruin) as Gabe, Eric Edelstein (Jurassic World) as Big Justin, Mark Webber (Scott Pilgrim Vs The World) as Daniel, Imogen Poots (Need For Speed) as Amber and the film was directed by Jeremy Saulnier (Murder Party). 

15greenroom1-master768The film featured an incredible young cast that carried the movie from beginning to end with the help of a vet in Patrick Stewart. Patrick Stewart was a true highlight of the film playing the always calm and collected head of the Nazi skinheads. One thing that sort of bothered me is that the film sort of plays into stereotypes when you hear Slayer music playing in the background at the club. Slayer has always been accused of being a Nazi skinhead group even though they do not represent them at all. That to me was a little bothersome, but it was expected and so I let it go while watching the film. This isn’t you typical horror film because of the way it plays out, but it’s listed every where as a horror film which is why I chose it for today. One of the scenes that is just brutal is when they decide to open the door the first time and they practically chop Anton’s hand off. You can see that it’s just hanging there by a piece of flesh and I was like ouch. Don’t think that it’s just a bunch of guys sitting in a room cause there is action in the film. If you love Anton Yelchin and you want to see more of his films, then definitely check this one out. I am going to give the film an A- for a final grade.

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