maxresdefault-3There are few things in this life that truly freak me out and one of those things happens to be a Ouija board and the other is evil spirits. So, what happens when you combine those two things into one film, well hopefully a good horror film. For today’s film, I decided to check out the prequel to the 2014 film Ouija in Ouija: Origin Of Evil. For Alice Zander (Elizabeth Reaser), life hasn’t been easy for her and her girls since the death of her husband. She relies heavily on scamming people during seances to get some extra cash. One day she brings home a Ouija board to add a little something extra to the seances, but what she doesn’t realize is the impact it’ll have when an evil spirit possesses her daughter Doris (Lulu Wilson) as a result of it. Now they’ll have to battle the demon inside her in order to save her.The film also stars Annalise Basso (Oculus) as Lina Zander, Henry Thomas (E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial) as Father Tom, Parker Mack (The Darkness) as Mikey, Doug Jones (Hellboy II: The Golden Army) as Ghoul Marcus, Chelsea Gonzalez (Criminal Minds) as Gloria, Michael Weaver (Super Troopers) as Roger Zander, and the film was directed by Mike Flanagan (Hush).

ouija-origin-of-evil-shows-its-dark-scaresSpoiler Alert: There may be information contained in this Article that could potentially spoil the plot of the film so continue with caution or do not read any further if you do not want to know. This is the film that the original should have been as far as scary and spooky moments are concerned. This is another horror film that I absolutely loved this year even though I went in very skeptical. I definitely feel that this film could compete with The Conjuring films (at least part 2), Annabelle, and any other film like it. When you watch this film, the original Ouija film from 2014 will make sense or t least the backstory that you get in that film will make sense. Lin Shaye (Insidious) plays Lina Zander in the 2014 film and we wonder why she is freaking out and why our main characters have to cut the stitches off the girls mouth in the film. Well, this is the film that is going to explain it all for you so sit tight and enjoy the show. There are plenty of cheap scares to go along with the demonic imagery that we get, but a lot of kudos goes to Lulu Wilson who plays one creepy little girl when she gets possessed. There is a reason why this film has an 81% (as of right now) on Rotten Tomatoes because this film is legit. The other element that I loved as a film nerd is the ode to the old 60’s/70’s films with the old title card and the burn marks that appear on the screen every now and again. It was a cool thing to include and it was much appreciated by me and some of my colleagues. This is one of my favorite horror films of the year and that is why I am giving it an A- for a final grade.

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    • Scott says:

      Havent seen Ouija, so none of the foreshadowing to the first movie affected any thoughts. I didn’t even expect it to tie-in at the end! A very excellent and spine-chilling horror movie with stories and scares that didn’t need another movie to work well.


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