the-prophecy-2-1998-2They have always been trying new angles and different kinds of stories for horror than the usual conventional stories of slashers, monsters, etc. Last year, I covered a film that was a different kind of idea where an rogue angle comes to Earth to destroy humans in The Prophecy.So for today’s film, I decided to cover the sequel The Prophecy II which sees the return of Gabriel (Christopher Walken). In the sequel, the Earth is still in peril over the war that is happening in Heaven so an Angel by the name of Danyeal (Russell Wong) impregnates a nurse by the name of Valerie (Jennifer Beals) as the child will be the savior. When Gabriel (Walken) learns of this, he comes back to Earth to destroy the woman and the child with the help of a suicidal teen (Brittany Murphy). The film also stars Eric Roberts (Best Of The Best) as Michael, Glenn Danzig (Portlandia) as Samayel, Steve Hytner (In The Line Of Fire) as Joseph, Bruce Abbott (Bride Of Re-Animator) as Thomas Daggett, Renee Victor (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones) as Nana, J.G. Hertzler (Zorro) as Father William, Tom Towles (The Devil’s Rejects) as Det. Waltrip, Nicki Micheaux (The Replacement Killers) as Det. Kreibel, and the film was directed by Greg Spence (Children Of The Corn: The Gathering).

jennifer-beals-the-prophecy-ii-1_3Watching this film, I didn’t realize that Jennifer Beals was the main star of Flashdance back in the day. She has a pretty intense sex scene in the beginning of the film with an angel where the relationship movies pretty fast. In fact, the film does not waste any time with anything, it just moves along very quickly which was nice. The film doesn’t really give you a chance to get bored at all. That could also be a bad thing if things are going too quick because it doesn’t leave you time to explain things, but that wasn’t the case with this film. I loved seeing the late Brittany Murphy who plays Izzy, the suicidal teen who is kept alive by Gabriel to do his bidding. The late Tom Towles is also in the film briefly and Glenn Danzig was in the film briefly as well. I wish I had seen more of him in the film cause I wanted to see his acting chops, it was just as soon as he appeared he was gone. There is a final battle scene in what is called Eden, but it doesn’t look like paradise as described, but then again the world has changed since then. I love the idea of this type of religious horror, but the end of this film clearly sets up the third film. The film has that 90’s horror movie look to it which I wish I could describe to you, but if you are a fan of horror then you know exactly what I am talking about (Gothic look to it). With that being said, I am going to give the film an B- for a final grade.

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