Unsigned Band Of The Week: Dead Horse Trauma

Posted: October 23, 2016 in Unsigned Band Of The Week
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It has been quite some time since the last Unsigned Band Of The Week post and things have been crazy which is the reason why. We are going to try and pick up where we last left off with this blog and we are leaving the headquarters and we are going to Des Moines, Iowa which is the home of Slipknot and Seth Rollins. Although, we are not there for them because we are checking out local metal band Dead Horse Trauma which the band describes themselves as, “a 5-headed war machine dedicated to infecting the masses with procedures and tactics used by our world to feed us the lies we are spoon-fed since before we can crawl. It’s the exposure of the perversity and falsities we are subliminally directed by. It’s your wake-up call, or the means to your end.” The track I chose for you guys to check out from them is the song Left Unsaid which is melodic, but it’s got some serious balls to it at the same time. I love how vocalist Eric Davidson is able to be melodic with his vocals as well as having the intense screaming vocals. It adds to the dimensions of the band for sure. Check out the band’s track below and if you want more info about them be sure to check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and their own site


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