whereI have always been in to discovering cool and new horror films to watch since I started doing Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween on this blog. One year, a film randomly followed me on Twitter after I was posting some of the articles and the idea of the film sounded really good. The title of the film was Where The Devil Dwells, but I could never find where to watch the film until now and that is why it is today’s film. When Lenard (Walter Peña) was a child, his father Oren (David O’Hara) was a mass murdering psycho serial killer who was presumed dead after it was reported he was shot. That left Lenard in a very bad place and in 1989, years after the murder, he is placed on house arrest in the old family home, but now he suffers from schizophrenia. Soon, Lenard’s father begins to reappear in his life claiming that he is once again going to kill. Now Lenard has to figure out if this is really happening or if it’s just a part of his delusion. The film also stars Scott Anthony Leet (The Hangover Part III) as Don Miller, Alexis Raben (Miss March) as Mitzi, Rob Macie (Happy Endings) as Renaldo, Andrew Patrick Ralston (The People Vs O.J. Simpson) as Vincent Hart, Greg Bryan (Castle) as Mailman, and the film was directed by Marc-Andre Samson (Interstate). 

blogger-image-1303743255All you have to do is reach out to me with a really great idea and I will check out your film as long as I have an avenue to view it (thank Frightpix for this one). The film has a very psychological feel to it where you are even trying to figure out if he is just dreaming, having an episode, or if his dad is real or not. I honestly thought at first the whole film was going to be the cop coming over and literally giving our character a hard time. Thankfully it wasn’t that, but believe me you’ll be hoping that he gets his in this film. They did a fantastic job keeping up with the year that the film was based in with the newspaper clippings, the VCR and TV style, and even the type of daytime television that was available at the time. Things were starting to become very different in 1989 as we were approaching a new decade and time. The other thing they got right with that time period was the paranoia over what was satanic or not. That was a huge problem back in the day where every teenage kid into metal was considered a satanist especially in the very homophobic south. It is very important that things feel authentic with a film and they definitely did a great job nailing it right on the head. The psychological build up leads us to our climatic end where the juice definitely gets good. This is definitely a film that is worth a watch and check it out for yourselves. I am going to give the film an B+ for a final grade.

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