horror-short-filmsTwo years ago, we started this segment for Eddie’s 31 Days Of Halloween and we meant to do it last year, but we never got around to it. So as I always say, “better late than never.” Not only are there a gazillion horror movies that you can on any VOD service, TV, and the theaters, but there are other types of horror films that you can watch on Youtube. Those types of films that I am talking about are short films and there are countless directors in the world that are trying their best to make it in the horror world and one of the best ways to get a name for yourself these days is on Youtube. What better way to do it than a short film because if it gains enough buzz it can lead your career somewhere. So with that being said, this post is going to look at some great short horror films that you can find on Youtube with a little review to go along with it. So without further ado, here is volume 2:

Halloween: The Rebirth Of Michael Myers– With the announcement that there is going to be a Halloween film in 2017, I instantly got excited and looked on IMDB to see if it was true. While checking that out, I noticed that there was a short film released called Halloween: The Rebirth Of Michael Myers. The short was directed by Brandon Jarrett Lawrence and it sees poor Jamie (Suzee Dunn) go and babysit on Halloween night, but what she doesn’t realize is that she is going to be paid a visit by the shape himself Michael Myers (Mikael Lawrence). I really liked the short even though we only see Michael very briefly, but it worked in my opinion and it fulfilled my need of Halloween in my life and for this blog. Check it out below:

The Stairs– I found this one on Youtube because it was literally the first film on the list when I did my search. I am assuming that it’s a French film because the main character is speaking French, but basically he is haunted by a presence in his house and the stairs are the only thing that separates them. Despite the language barrier, I really enjoyed this shirt film with the spooky Conjuring/Annabelle music that plays in the film. So kudos to Josué Esparon and It’s Amazing Films for this one. Check it out:

Thin Walls– This one is a relatively new one because it came out this year and it was an official selection at Los Angeles Cinefest. Thin Walls was directed by Jay Ruzika and it follows a girl who one day while at home starts humming a song. After hearing a neighbor hum the song back to her, she figures that its the thin walls. She’ll soon find out that there’s more to the thin walls then she knew. I really liked this one because it actually had a really creepy edge to it with the idea of the thin walls (watch it to know what  am talking about). Definitely give this one a look, check it out below:

I Heard It Too– This is another one of my favorites that I have viewed this year and it’s so creepy. I Heard It Too is a short horror film that was directed by British Independent filmmaker Matt Sears. The film is based on a Two Sentence Horror Story about a child who believes that she hears her mother calling her to come down, but when she leaves her room she is grabbed by her mother. Her mother simply tells her, “I Heard  It Too.” The end of the film features some of the best cinematography and what you see would terrify me if I was a child (actually it terrifies me now). Check it out below and subscribe to his channel for new films coming soon.

Last Night– This film is stylistically different than the ones I have chosen for this blog piece and I needed something different. Last Night was directed by Tal Bohbot and it was the winner of the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival  for Best Short Horror Film (Student). The film stars Eden Kokarko as simply the woman, but she’s more like another female American Psycho. She invited a dinner date over, but what that date (played by Nadav Laieb) doesn’t realize is that his time is up as this Black Widow of sorts is about to claim another victim. It’s stylistically awesome in my opinion (kudos to Amit BenShlomo for cinematography) and it doesn’t waste any time. Check it out below:


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