arthur-brownFor the whole month of October, we have dedicated certain posts on the blog in observance of the great holiday known as Halloween with related posts. For the album of the week posts, we look to bands that are either directly related to horror like The Misfits, White Zombie, or indirectly (like they dress up or use makeup) like GWAR, Green Jelly, King Diamond, etc. We are always looking for new bands to feature on here and we have one this week that has always been interesting in The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, an English Psychedelic rock band in the vein of The Doors. The band was made up of frontman Arthur Brown, Vincent Crane (Keyboards), Nick Greenwood (Bass), Drachen Theaker (Drums), and John Marshall (Drums On A Few Tracks). The band’s Eponymous debut record was released on June 1968 and it was produced by Kit Lambert and Pete Townsend was the associate producer on the record. The album was the only one that featured this line up and it was successful for the band as it peaked at number 7 on The Billboard Pop Charts and it produced a number one single in the UK and a top 5 hit in the US.

1153706031. Prelude/Nightmare– The track starts with an eerie intro before the keyboards kick us off into a journey as he literally describes a nightmare. These guys can really jam out like Deep Purple. 4/5

2. Fanfare/Fire Poem– A track that could be an intro to the next track or just a poem to some wild keyboard playing. 4/5

3. Fire– Probably the most famous song from The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown as he describes hell in this pure example of just what Psychedelic rock was. 5/5

4. Come and Buy- a track that is driven by the bass riff as they keyboards compliment them as he further describes the horrors of hell. 4/5

5. Time and 6. Confusion– On some versions these two tracks are combined. Time is cool and mellow track while Confusion turns up the heat while the devil tells you that all you have to do is sin to get there. 4/5

nightmare-by-the-crazy-world-of-arthur-brown-19687. I Put A Spell On You– This is the band’s keyboard/organ filled cover of the Screamin’ Jay Hawkins track. 4.5/5

8. Spontaneous Apple Creation– a cool fast paced track that talks about the world starting over because of an apple. I don’t know? 4/5

9. Rest Cure– A cool bass driven track that is different than the rest of the album as it’s a little more bluesy than most about how rest can cure everything. 4/5

10. I’ve Got Money-The band’s incredible cover of the James Brown track. Arthur does an amazing job with the vocals. 4.5/5

11. Child of My Kingdom– This is the last track on the album and it’s the longest track on the album clocking in at seven minutes long. This is a great bluesy rock song from the band. The track features some amazing keys playing o the track that give it that blues/Doors edge to it. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– There is an interesting story about this album and the differences between side one which ends with Confusion and side two which starts with I Put A Spell On You. Apparently when writing the record, Arthur Brown wanted to create a rock opera, but producer Kit Lambert wanted a more commercial album hence the difference in the two sides. This is a really good album from a band that probably could have done more, but Psychedelic rock would suffer the same fate the 80’s faced when Grunge took over. Black Sabbath and the 70’s happened. I am going to give the album Four stars out of five for a final grade.


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