mv5bmjmzntiynza2ov5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdy0nzm0mte-_v1_uy268_cr30182268_al_For today’s film for my 31 days of Halloween, I came across this film online so I couldn’t resist watching it because the synopsis is what drew me to the film in the first place. We’ve seen dozens of films already that deal with ghosts and beings as well as films dealing with possession so I was hoping that this one was going to be a little bit different than the rest. It’s the story of four college students whose school is near an insane asylum where some unsolved murders had occurred some years back. The murder as well some others were cremated and placed into jars where they would sit for decades until the college students stumbled upon them while breaking into the closed asylum. When the cans hit the ground they open and three out of the four don’t realize that after they had inhaled the dust, they soon become possessed by the spirits of the dead including the murderer. The fourth one named Emma (Inbar Lavi) has to figure out what to do before it’s too late. The film also stars Steven Grayhm (White Chicks) as Kolt, Eddie Hassell (Jobs) as Dylan, Holland Roden (Teen Wolf) as Gabby, John Lee Ames (Days Of Darkness) as Levius, Alesandra Assante (36 Saints) as Allyson, and Nicole Travolta (The Utah Murder Project) as Christine while the film was directed by A.D. Calvo (Nine Lives).

house-of-dust-movie-d-calvo-4The film isn’t that bad, it actually has some strong points to it, but then it has a lot that it lacks as well. One thing was one of the actors at one time overacted until he became possessed then his acting was pretty good. The other part that bothered me was the ending of the film or I should say the sequences that lead to the end was kind of a letdown. I expected something really cool at the end and when it happened I was like what the heck was that. Other than that, the film was actually pretty decent where it gave you the feel of those possession films, but with a slasher touch to it which was what I like out of my horror films. If you’re expecting T&A out of the film, don’t bother you just get one little glance at the potential that Nicole Travolta (the niece of John Travolta) may have to offer and it’s very brief. Inbar Davi is an actress I never heard of, but after watching this film I am definitely going to be looking in to more of her films because she was superb. She played the part of a girl who is vulnerable, an outsider to most while being the heroine of the film superbly. She definitely made the film enjoyable to watch because you can’t help, but feel for her in this film. I would say give this film a shot, it’s not as bad as I may have made it sound out to be. I am giving the film a B- for a final grade.

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