thedescent2dvduktopOnly one day left until the great holiday of Halloween, but that means one thing and that is tonight is Devil’s Night. There are creatures in this world that can only be the spawn of Satan or death itself and that is the case in the film The Descent: Part 2. The last place that Sarah (Shauna Macdonald) wants to be is back in the caves especially when you just barely escaped with your life. Unfortunately for her, that is exactly where she is going to end up doing thanks to an idea by Sheriff Vaines (Gavan O’Herlihy). The rest of the team Sarah was with is still missing and the sheriff wants to go back in with Sarah and a cave team to try and find the rest of them. What he and the team do not know is they are about to face death itself. The film also stars Jessika Williams (Doctor Who) as Susanne Small, Douglas Hodge (Robin Hood) as Dan, Josh Dallas (Once Upon A Time) as Greg, Anna Skellern (Gambit) as Cath, Michael J. Reynolds (Police Academy) as Ed Oswald, Natalie Mendoza (Moulin Rouge) as Juno, Krysten Cummings (Ghost Machine) as Ellen Rios, and the film was directed by Jon Harris (The Woman In Black).

278-spusk-2Now as far as which of the two films was better, I would definitely say that the first film is still the best one of the two. The first film had more layers to it then this film which is just a search and rescue mission gone bad. It had the crawlers who still looked creepy as hell and no matter how many you think you killed, there is still a crap ton more of them. The costume designers definitely deserve some props for making them as creepy as humanly possible. The acting was pretty good, but at times the accents were a little confusing. Do we have British climbers working for us or did they just mess up and not lose the accent? I know that it’s a British film, but it does take place in North Carolina. That is only a minor problem in the film, otherwise it’s a very good film that was something new for the horror genre. One of the things that drove me nuts about the film is that you are told to be quiet or they’ll hear you, but the characters do the opposite constantly. The various frustrations of a horror film that can occur all the time. The ending of the film was one that I didn’t see coming, but it leaves it up for talks about an another sequel. Will there be a third film? With the box office failure of this film, I would have to say probably not. This film has it’s moments, but it doesn’t top the first film. I am going to give this film an B for a final grade.

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