Single Of The Week: Angels Of Steel by Vader

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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As it has been every week, we give you two singles of the week with one on the rock side and the other on the metal side. For this week’s metal Single Of The Week, we have a brand new single from legendary Polish Death Metal band Vader. Vader is one of those bands that has been carrying the flag of Death Metal proudly for about 30 years or so. Now the band is getting ready to release their 11TH studio album Empire tomorrow which is also their fourth album via Nuclear Blast Records. While the band has already unveiled two tracks (Prayer to the God of WarParabellum), it is the third track off the album that we are covering here called Angels Of Steel. While the track is heavy as hell and it comes at you like a freight train on it’s way to hell, it is filled with thrash metal elements which is an ode to the band’s roots. Before they settled on Death Metal, the band did explore thrash metal in their beginning years and what they present here is just freakin awesome. Do yourself a favor, if you are a fan of metal, then check this out because it’s the dose we need. Frontman Piotr Wiwczarek talked about how the artwork and music are connected saying, “The whole design includes many details connected to the main theme influencing me before and during the process of recording: war and the ‘cold crisis’ around us today. There are also links to couple of famous movie series, which influence the generations and erupt with violence, hate and ‘imperial tendencies’… Is this just a fantasy or maybe a sign of the 21st century generation? You have to answer that in your own… and the future will show us how real that feeling is.” Check out the track below and and get the album which is out in stores tomorrow!


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