Single Of The Week: Crooked Teeth by Papa Roach

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Single Of The Week
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One of my favorite bands from the Nu-Metal era is definitely Papa Roach, a band that rightfully evolved with the times when it came to their third album Getting Away With Murder. The band has always been evolving their sound since then with every release. Now the band has a new album coming out which is untitled as of yet and is the follow up to 2015’s F.E.A.R. and they’ve unleashed a new single. The name of the track from the album is called Crooked Teeth and it’s an awesome adventure of sound as it explores all the different sounds of Papa Roach’s history in one track. It has the hip hop flow of the first record with the fury of the music from Lovehatetragedy and beyond. Jacoby Shaddix commands the mic on the track like a true vocalist as he gives you the best of both worlds. Pre-orders for the record are happening right now and you can check them out through Pledgemusic. Otherwise, check out the track below:


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