1280x1280For this week’s album of the week, I wanted to cover a band that I always liked ever since they first came out in 2000. This is one of those posts that I don’t care what the popular opinion is because I have always thought that Good Charlotte has kicked ass and they especially kick ass live. Seeing them at Lupos in Providence, RI this past week inspired me to revisit some of those records I loved and The Young And The Hopeless is one of those records I loved. The band was made up of Joel Madden (Lead Vocals), Benji Madden (Lead Guitar), Billy Martin (Rhythm Guitar), Paul Thomas (Bass), and the album featured Josh Freese on drums. The album was released on October 1, 2002 and to a lot of critical acclaim as it helped launch the band forward on to the pop charts. The band always wanted to write a record that would launch them into stardom and Benj once said, “Joel and I always wanted to be in a big band. We never set out to be the cool, underground band that the elite listened to: we wanted to play shows all around the world, to anyone who would hear us. Nothing about that record was pre-meditated, we were just having fun, and trying to do the best we could to achieve that goal.” The album would peak at number seven on the Billboard Top charts and it would go three times platinum selling three million copies producing four singles.

gc-copy1. A New Beginning– a cool intro track that starts up the album. 4/5

2. The Anthem– One of my favorite songs on the album and it was a track that was originally written for a soundtrack, but when completed it was rejected. The track is a great anthem for people to stand up for themselves and not listen to what others think. 5/5

3. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous– a pop punk track that was social commentary on how celebrities got away with murder basically. 5/5

4. Wondering– a cool track that is a little more rock and mellow than previous tracks with that cool bass line during the verses in a track that is about wondering if you’ll find that person you can confide in. 4/5

5. The Story of My Old Man– an in your face punk song about absentee fathers that are never there for their kids. 4/5

6. Girls & Boys– Another favorite of mine on the album that starts off mellow before it launches right into that singable chorus about guys who do whatever it takes to get girls to like them. 5/5

7. My Bloody Valentine– an interesting track that describes a guy who kills some girls love so that she can love him because he’ll do anything for her. 4/5

8. Hold On– This may be my favorite track on the album that just hits a chord with anyone in my opinion that may deal with depression. Remember people, Suicide is not the option. 5/5

9. Riot Girl– a track that is literally about how punk chicks are better than girls like Britney Spears, etc. 4/5

10. Say Anything– a real mellow track with a cool bass line whose lyrics deal with relationships. 4/5

11. The Day That I Die– a cool track that starts with Cash Dogg barking before the song kicks in about a guy who enjoys the day he dies like it really was. This is a track that Benji sings lead vocals on. 4/5

12. The Young & the Hopeless– a driving riff starts the song before it kicks into overdrive about having to deal with people who hate on you constantly because you may not fit the mold. Benji sings the second verse on the track. 5/5

13. Emotionless– an acoustic track that is the band writing to their dad who walked out on them. 4/5

14. Movin’ On– The last track on the album that is a pretty epic closer for the song as it has that rock vibe to begin before it breaks into a punk song. 4/5

My Final Thoughts– The album absolutely kicks ass and it embodied the spirit of the band. If you ever get a chance to see them live, you have to do it because they rock. Every track on the album is enjoyable to listen to. I am going to give the album 4.5 stars out of five for a final grade.

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